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The Official Award Winning And Chart Topping Motion Picture Soundtrack 


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Out now on Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and iTunes!

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F O L L O W E R S: 13,300+

V I E W S: 44K+
S H O W S: 230+


Maverick celebrates its new approach with Zoee!

Had a corker of a time down in London last month where I was invited to join the incredible Maverick Magazine to perform, speak and hang out!! Had so much fun sharing my music and talking with so many incredible and inspiring people!

Check out the great video the team put together of the day featuring my original song Rolling Stone and some of my interview here!! 

Zoee - "Town" Official Music Video

Absolutely thrilled to announce that I've been working on some new music over the last couple of months, and stoked to share that my new song "Town" is being featured as the soundtrack in the upcoming full feature thriller/horror film '19 Willock Place"!


The full music video is available here. . .  Watch on YouTube here

Zoee Wins Best International Act and Best Film Soundtrack at the IMAs

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An incredible night was had at the Infinitime Music Awards last night 💫💕

Super humbled to have been able to perform for you guys, my new song #Town, in honour of the upcoming 19 Willock Place, as well as a couple of other originals and to have been awarded the Best International Act and Best Film Soundtrack!! 🌙😍🎶


Zoee releases first Official video in 3 Years for ‘Town’ - Maverick Mag

"Rising artist Zoee has released the video for her latest song, Town, which is to be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming Scottish film ’19 Willock Place’ that is set to premiere on 2 December. 

The song sees the Millport Country Music Festival Emerging Talent Showcase winner take a different direction in her musical career, and showcase her powerful and versatile range.


Shooting for the video took place in the heart of Glasgow with"

Australian Zoee bringing country to Glasgow's music scene

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"For the songstress, who is originally from Australia, has her entire family involved in her career including mum Wanda who takes on a manager role.

Zoee and her family have made Scotland their home for the last two years after travelling the world. The alternative country pop singer, who regularly performs in Glasgow, is even hoping to become a citizen in her new adopted country."



The Unsigned Australian Singer-Songwriter & multi Instrumentalist, Zoee, on shoot in sunny London for her upcoming album which has been associated at her live shows with artists such as Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran, James Blunt and Rod Stewart.