Zoee is that rarest of Alternative Country/Pop phenomena. Her music has touched the hearts of thousands while she’s traveled the world performing everywhere she can. Zoee’s ever-present storytelling theme has been compared to world-class artists such as Rod Stewart, James Blunt, Steve Earle, Dolly Parton & Taylor Swift. Dusted with underlying messages & entwined with personal narratives, Zoee keeps her sound grounded & raw, much like the music of the 1970’s & 1980’s. Elegant. Powerful. Individual.


Zoee, the Australian native singer-songwriter, crossed the Oceanic in 2014, for her first tour in North America, recorded and released her first studio demo album in 2015 & moved across the world to the UK in 2016 to pursue her passion for music, where since she writes her second album, ft. tracks written with  Norman Saleet (Air Supply, Crystal Gayle & Art Garfunkel) and Australian Country Music icon Graeme Connors (Kris Kristofferson, John Denver & Jon English).


In July '17 Zoee graced the BBC Introducing stage at the Brentwood Festival (ft. Headliners  Status QuoMidge UreGo WestMissing Andy & Jocelyn Brown), in August she wrapped her month-long stint of performances at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival & by December that year she would earn her place in the Open Mic UK Songwriting competition as a Grand Finalist alongside her brother.


With her intimate acoustic gigging around the UK & EU (ft. just 2 guitars and a cajon), Zoee is definitely a talent worth watching out for.




Born in a remote town in southern Australia, Zoee found a strong talent & love for poetry & songwriting. At the age of 12 she learnt guitar to better accompany her melodies & words, which started a chain-reaction & she soon found herself working on the piano, ukulele, the banjo, mandolin & percussion. And thus, Zoee’s music career had begun.



2016 and 17' has been a year of growth for Zoee from performing all across the United Kingdom and in front of thousands to now working on her new EP, which is a documentation of her adventures; following the monstrous move, literally around the world, to chase her passion, with her family by her side the whole way.


Zoee. released a preview of her new song “WHO I AM”, from her new 2017 EP. The acoustic song itself reaches into the depth of the listener's ear and begs for empathy and integrity.  Take a preview here.  

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Zoee is constantly posting about her adventures in between shows, gigs and songwriting. . . Stay up to date & follow her here!

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"On The Road" album

2015 see a new light for Zoee. with the release of her debut album "On The Road". The album is a compilation of stories, thoughts, desires, dreams and adventures.

Zoee., The Australian Singer/Songwriter is a avid traveller and blogger. Zoee. recently finished touring the North American/Canadian region.

Travel Journeys 

Zoee, a travel aficionado, has focused most of her attention on touring the North American, Canadian & Oceanic region. She currently has based herself in the UK where she intends to finish writing and recording her second studio album.