“New York City”


It was the beginning of the fall in 2003,

Brown foliage lined the streets, as far as I could see.

Like a postcard sent with the US air mail.

We'll head down by the dock next to, the New York Rail.



The morning fog hadn’t lifted off the Hudson yet.

And the leaves had hidden all the streets

There was a tramp crying below the footpath,

Wishing life could have gone differently.



Cause, it ain’t a place for the faint hearted.

New York City, I’ll meet you there.

The streets light up the dark, like they light up my heart.

And the views can’t be beaten there.

And it’s a place for the romantic,

If your hearts up for, that kind of thing.

Honey, if you’re not, well that’s alright,

Cause they’ve got everything. You will ever need.



When the Snow comes, all the streets turn black and white.

The Cherry blossoms sway in the moonlight.

The Rockefeller hangs up over-head,

And the cab drivers only want to get to bed.



It’s been a while, since 911 made the skies turn dark,

But heaven knows, you’ll find love in Central Park.

A subway singer continues on her way.

And a New York minute is why you’ve gotta stay.



"This Time” 


(Verse 1)

 We’re just fighting through all this hurt.

Breaking our hearts since the day we started.

We’re all children on the inside.

And the world keeps breaking us down.


(Verse 2)

We’re just running from what we are.

Hoping that someday we’ll make it through

The golden gates of happiness

(I remember that’s) Where I lost you.



This time, I’m gonna run instead of crawl.

This time. The bells are gonna sing.

This time. I’ll look before I fall (again).

Cause this time. Will change everything.


(Verse 3)

The street driver, is bout ready to run you down.

You scream and curse out heavenly name.

You just want to be where the sun fades into the bluest sea & the memories go quietly



"Needles & Silver Spoons” 


(Verse 1)

My Dad told my brother, “Son don’t you play with no needle & spoon.

It'll ruin your life boy, don’t go playing those messed up tunes”

Looking back, I wish he’d taken my old man’s advice.

And left it alone and ran for his life.



He should have run when they told him to run.

He shouldn've jumped while he still had the time.

He shouldn't of stayed around, should've left the town.

And never looked back on it all.

. . . On Those Needles & Silver Spoons.


(Verse 2)

In his heart, it began, with a secret & a friend.

The chance of losing & it didn’t mean a thing.

But the heat it burned & the room it spun.

He had the cloud in his eyes & a love that ruined the young.


(Verse 3)

And where is the moment when a boy becomes a man.

Through those trials of passage to find some promised stand.

But the vultures are coming and his heart is beating too fast.

Searching & searching, while the Grail slips into the past.


(Chorus Repeat)


(Verse 4)

Then those long, lonely nights & shutting the door on the world.

He was lost on believing that no one else had heard. His family and friends, were left by the edge of his grave.

Cause no love, no life, is found where the needle lays.






So we dive into the ocean,

Leave it all behind.

Forget the yesterdays.

Just enjoying this life.

Swim out past the breakers,

In the Californian sun,

Holding on to everything,

That we have become.



Cast away our troubles

And watch the world fly.

Ducking down beneath the waves,

With the sun in our eyes.

There’s no place that I, would rather be,

Than on this beach, just you and me.

. . .Tonight.


Laying out beneath the stars,

Listening to the radio,

Playing songs, that we all know.

Then someone starts playing guitar,

Around the campfire,

And we’re dancing, till the sun comes up

. . . . Tonight.


Well there’s laughter on the wind,

And it’s blowing strong tonight,

You can feel the temptation,

Grow beneath the moonlight.

The palm trees line the beach,

As far as I can see,

And you’ve got your arm,

Wrapped around me.



Oh ah, oh.

So come on and bring all your friend’s,

To the place where the fun never ends,

And we can shine

. . . Tonight.

“Without You”

Sitting all alone with an empty heart.

The memories will last a lifetime.

Sitting by the phone, wishing we hadn’t part.

Dreaming of a lover I might find.

There’s nowhere left to run with a sorry heart,

Since the train of love just past me by.



The days roll on without you, the night don’t feel right anymore.
I try to move past, all the memories that last,

But I find my old heart on the floor.


I spend my night staring at the stars,

Wondering if my thoughts are getting through.

It seemed so right, but now you are so far,

I guess there’s nothing more that I can do.

 You were the one, who found the light in the dark,

Tell me, how do I turn it on without you?




Wherever I go, there’s always something to remind me,

Of the thoughts that we used to share,

The loneliness always seems to find me

Now there’s no one left to care.

Time keeps throwing curve balls at me,

Honey ain’t nothing about this life seems fair.




“Road To Nowhere”



(Verse 1)

The Bluebird sings. In my heart. But I can't sing her song.

The cyclone's been winding up. And I've gotta see the lighting 'fore it's gone.

. . . Goodbye. Goodbye.


In between the right and wrong. You'll hear the freedom of the song. Echo on the wind.
I've been barefooting these hills. The isolation gives you chills. And I, gotta find. . . 

The Road To Nowhere. 


(Verse 2)

Someone's walking beside me. I feel the beat of their heart. And I just want to stay here forever. While time, tears me apart. 

(Verse 3)

Desperation starts to shadow. And the hunger starts to glow. I've been running these hills for so long, they're becoming part of my soul.

I'm a bear on the run. The eagles' up on the breeze. Soaring high. Where's the thrill we forget. And time never lets you wonder. If you're. On The Road to Nowhere.


"Fall To Pieces”

(Verse 1)

I was a fool back then. And I held onto every word you said. 

All I've loved. Is almost gone. So I'll keep searching for a light to guide me home. . . 



. . . In the strongest winds. And the longest nights. Dear New York, I'm barely alive. But I'm holding on, with my last breath. I'm reaching for the stars. Won't you answer my prayers? 
Before. I fall. To pieces. 

(Verse 2)

I know it's hard to change.

I know it's never gone be the same.

Cause I hear them whispering on  the subway.

But what they don't know. Or realise. . . 



. . . Is you just start crying. In the pouring down rain. While you drown all your sorrows just to hide away the pain. Cause they'll never know. What its like. To have to pray every day for your life. 
Before. You Fall. To Pieces. 

(Original Chorus Repeat)


“Rolling Stone”



Take me back to the first time I ever set foot on a plane. And I said to myself it’ll happen again. 

And I packed up my old boots and my Martin guitar. And we set upon a journey to a land afar.

(Verse 2)

And as crazy as it seems I left to chase my dreams. It turned my life around, worst it could be. 

And now I’m sitting here trying to figure out where went wrong. But I. Know. 



That I was born to be a Rolling Stone.


(Verse 3) 

I started down south and got a little kicked around.

Lived in a leaky RV with flat tires on the ground.

My sparkle didn’t shine quite as strong back then.

They’ll kick you down and knock you round, but you get back up again.



Hands in your gloves. Wings on your back. Take the high road boys there is no looking back.


I’m a Rolling Stone, Stone, Stone, stone. x 2



Singing my heart out every chance I get.

Blue skies keep rolling by but I ain’t found it yet. 

But I’ll stand up here in front of all of you. 

Imagining what it was like when I was imagining you.



The Rolling Stone. You’re a Rollingstone. He’s a rolling stone. We aint going home x 2

No I can’t postpone, the plane’s calling, aviators, baby I’m Indiana, I can’t stay... you know that I’m already gone. 

“Just a Little Bit Longer”



Sunsets, in the night sky,

My thoughts they’re still asking me, why.

Days are flying. So fast.

I only wanted it to last.



Just a little bit longer. Just a little while.

But now it’s all gone, and I don’t know why.

Just a little bit longer. Just a little while.

I wake up and still miss your smile.


(Verse 2)

Heartbreak, always hurts in the mornings,

When I wake up, crying over you.

With time, memories will fade,

But the feelings still feel the same.



Just a little bit longer. Just a little while.

But now it’s all gone and I don't know why.

Just a little bit longer, just a little while.

I wake up and still miss your smile.



Sunsets, in the, night sky,

My thoughts, they're still asking me, why.

"Let It Rain”

(Verse 1)

Let’s start at the beginning, When perfect wasn’t all that I was trying to be.

It hurts me this feeling, but I can’t let it eat at me.

There is distance in the markers. The road is mighty long.

And I can't help passing all the places where I've gone wrong



Let it rain. Let the clarity define the pain.

Cause it’s just a dream that were living in,

So I’m coming clean.


(Verse 3)

I lie awake, listening to the rain in bed.

It’s like a dream, but I’m not asleep yet.

The wind growls and windows slam.

Restlessness, finally gets to me again



Let it rain. Let the clarity define the pain.

Cause it’s just a dream that were living in,

So I’m coming clean.



Here comes the sun, shining through the clouds.

Lighting up the day (x2)



Let it rain. Let the clarity define the pain.

Cause it’s just a dream that were living in,

So I’m coming clean.

"Calling Heartbreak”

(Verse 1)

You walked out that door so fast,

I didn’t know what to say.

You took the knife, cut up the ties,

That you and I had made.

Now, it’s been 17 weeks since I heard your voice,

Through the telephone,

How I miss that sound.



But something happened & I don’t know where it’s gone

I haven’t felt it in so damn long.



I’m calling heartbreak. Where are you? It’s been a while.    Hhmmmm.

Calling Heartbreak. Won’t you come back soon? The long nights aren’t the same without you.


(Verse 2)

I don’t call, to say I love you still.

I’ve been victim of your touch.

So I just rang, cause I wanted to tell you how I feel.

And let you know I ain't missed your love.

And I don’t cry, when I lie alone at night.

Me and I, we get along just fine.



Something happened & I don’t know where it’s gone, I haven’t felt it in so damn long.





(Verse 3)

So a, broken fairytale and a helpless heart, are all fragments of what’s left.

Empty pages, fill the spaces, between these four walls again.       

Danger lurks behind the smile, victory is a well told lie.

And so the night, grows cold with fury, the anger builds. How could you do this? I don’t even want to ask you why. . .




(Verse 1)


It was a cold wet morning this morning. 
And I stumble outta bed and make my way to the couch.

There's an old beat up Ford driving past my window.

That reminded me of what I used to love.

(Verse 2)

We'd drive through the overgrown valley.
With trees so green the Irish made a fuss.
And the air that you breathed felt like magic.
Casting a spell on us.



That was home. Home to me.  



(Verse 3)

The winters were long and mighty cold, but.

We'd keep warm from the love in our hearts.

And there was nothing like the blues to fix our trouble. And mend the problems 'fore they'd start. 


And the ocean roared like a hundred jet fighters. 

Ripping through the sound barrier. 





But now I'm far from that land. 
And the city lights are all that can guide me. 

So please just take me by the hand. 

And pull me back towards the sea.


Take me home. Home please. x 2

Home; is where I want to be.


"Keeping Those Secrets Alive”

(Verse 1)

Breathe easy. Before the night is over. Before the day begins again. 
When darkness is all that surrounds you. Breathe easy, my friend.

And when I can't find my way I'll follow the broken-hearted trail. The moonlight will shine the way.



I've left my thoughts to weigh down my mind.
Images of you break me every time.
And there ain't nothing else in this crazy world tonight. That would feel so right. . .
Like, keeping those secrets alive. 


(Verse 2)

Moonlight touches your lips, there's something in the night. And I just can't help myself; it feels so right. 
And all of your bravado and those devilish blue eyes.
Oh baby, you made me realise.
That I can't live without a reason. . . And I just can't take another night.




Breathe easy. Before the night is over. Before the day begins again.  

More Lyrics Coming Soon. . .