Zoee - Town

The Award Winning and Chart Topping Film Soundtrack "Town" 


So you wrote this hauntingly great song for a film, how was it writing your first soundtrack?

"It was an absolute blast! The film writer and director (who asked me to write the song) let me see the film trailer and gave me a paragraph or so about the story itself, (I hadn't even seen the full film at that point!), so I went away with what I had. I came back 2 days later and played "Town" to them. I was expecting a lot would want to be altered and changed, to sync with the film more, but when I played it to them, they were like "Oh man, we have to record this right now!! Its perfect" and so we did! (Laughs). 13hrs in the studio and we got it down, then we worked straight into post-production and shooting the music video barefoot in the rainy streets of Glasgow... I had an amazing team onboard for this and it was pretty enthralling experience into the world of film  soundtracks. I have a real passion for it I've discovered!"

Zoee's new song "Town" is being featured as the soundtrack in the upcoming full feature thriller/horror film '19 Willock Place"!


The full music video is available here: Watch on YouTube.